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[shinee] animal farm

animal farm
onew/jonghyun; pg.
one-shot; 2208 words.

So the thing about Jinki’s Donald Duck impersonations is that they’re not really impersonations at all. He doesn’t mean that he’s Donald Duck himself— now that would be a story to tell— but he’s somewhat of a duck.

“They’re going to get suspicious,” Jonghyun whispers harshly when the cameraman becomes distracted and wanders away for a few minutes. “Can’t you stop making those noises?”

Jinki snorts and looks through another cabinet for pans. “They’re going to get suspicious and begin thinking I’m actually a duck?” He laughs. “Don’t be stupid, Jonghyun.”

It wouldn’t have been such a wild thought had the fans not begun to compare Jinki to bunnies already, though they’re a few species off. If Jinki continues to use this, they might notice how he has his sweater on from seven to nine in the morning daily, which is the time his feathers appear. Jonghyun pities him a bit for this, since the only time his horns come out is at three in the morning, when it’s still dark outside and mostly everyone is sleeping. Even then, it only lasts for half an hour.

He frowns and decides not to comment any further. It’s not as though he actually cares. That, and his thoughts have quickly become distracted with the reappearance of the cameraman, and filming resumes.

Tell them what you’re making, he mouths when Jinki grins up at the camera.

He blinks and Jonghyun is sure Jinki’s not entirely positive what he’s going to make just yet, only that it needs to be something good. Moving quickly, Jonghyun grabs an egg from the carton near him and very stupidly throws it at Jinki, but, thankfully, Jinki manages to catch it.

He nods. “I’ll show you a perfect fried egg,” Jinki says and cracks it over the pan. However, he doesn’t have the chance to perfectly explain the grand taste it will have once it’s finished, like Jonghyun knows he wants to say, before Taemin barges in through the door.

“Go away,” Jonghyun says immediately and pushes him out. Taemin and Jinki have been spending way too much time together as of late, and Jonghyun doesn’t want him interrupting them anymore.

“But I came to borrow something!” Taemin says, protesting so he won’t get pushed out. Jonghyun pauses and allows him to explain himself unless his answer is Jinki. “A potato peeler.”

It’s not Jinki, but still. “We don’t have one. Go back,” he says, pushing Taemin away until Taemin falls on the floor. Jinki turns around from flipping the egg over and raises an eyebrow at them, so Jonghyun concedes with a slight pout.

“Fine,” he says, “but we can’t give it to you so easily! Show us a personal talent.”

It’s almost remarkable how quickly Taemin comes up with an idea, except Jonghyun sees the light bulb above his head turn on when he glances over at Jinki and grins.

“A duck sound!” he says. Jonghyun shares a look with Jinki as soon as he says that and he tries not to grin at Taemin’s words and roll his eyes. Taemin continues talking until he finally tries, fisting one hand over his mouth and blowing air into it, as his other hand pats it repeatedly. Jonghyun loses it when all that comes out are exaggerated breathy noises, failing rather spectacularly at holding in his laughter.

“Go back!” Jinki laughs. He pushes Taemin out, showing him how the duck impersonation is really done, and Jonghyun tries not to cringe. They just had this conversation. “Don’t come back until you’ve perfected your personal talent,” Jinki orders.

Taemin opens the door again not even a second later and Jonghyun pretends to feign surprise. “Did you prepare a personal talent?” he asks.

Taemin pushes through the small, cluttered room until he’s able to come between the two of them to grab the frying pan. “I’ll flip this!” he says and Jonghyun instinctively backs away.

Oil goes splattering everywhere, so much that Jonghyun’s actually glad Jinki is wearing his long sleeve sweater—at least Jinki won’t get burned. Taemin doesn’t seem to pay mind to it, and continues to flip the egg until Jonghyun takes it away from him, and grabs the potato peeler from the counter.

“Here!” Jonghyun shoves it at Taemin. “Take your potato peeler!”

It isn’t until Taemin leaves that Jinki returns to the stove and groans over his ruined egg. “It was so pretty,” he moans and prods it with a spatula. “What am I going to do?”

“Stop making those duck impersonations?” Jonghyun tries and hopes he doesn’t get edited out. “Those weren’t pretty at all.”

When Taemin comes home with two cups of coffee in hand and a look of determination on his face, Jonghyun knows this isn’t going to end well.

“Is Jinki hyung awake?” he asks, sighing when Jonghyun nods his head. “He’s supposed to be sleeping.”

Jonghyun’s not entirely sure what’s going on, but he doesn’t like how Taemin immediately heads for Jinki’s room, though common sense would tell him that it’s Taemin’s room, too.

“Why is hyung supposed to be sleeping?” Jonghyun asks Kibum, prodding him with a foot to make him pay attention. “Is he sick or something? He doesn’t look sick.”

“He’s molting,” Kibum says.

Jonghyun raises his eyebrows. “Oh? Already?” He turns to look back at the bedroom. Taemin coincidentally comes out that second, surprising Jonghyun and asking him to bring something with protein for Jinki to eat.

“Like chicken?” Jonghyun asks much to Taemin’s displeasure.

“Very funny, hyung.” It had been an honest mistake, but Taemin wouldn’t know that considering how often Jonghyun spends making fun of him for being half chicken. The jokes come in at all times of the day, ranging from not being able to eat eggs, it’s his own kind, or not having the courage to do anything, he’s a chicken.

“What,” Jonghyun says. “I really don’t know!”

“Can you cook some meat or something?”

“Are protein bars good enough?

Taemin shrugs his shoulders. “Maybe?” He closes the door to the bedroom again and Jonghyun stares at it for a few seconds, stopping only when Kibum whacks him on the head.

“It’s just that they’re spending so much time together!” Jonghyun whines. “They’re acting like they’re dating!”

“Jinki’s molting,” Kibum repeats. “Of course they’re going to spend time together.”

As much as that makes sense, it doesn’t please Jonghyun at all. He sinks into his seat and grumbles, throwing the pillow beside him at Kibum for daring to say such things.

“Yeah, well,” he says, “you’re not allowed to speak until you clean up your hairball you left in the bathtub this morning.”

Kibum doesn’t even look up when he responds. “That’s probably yours. Don’t try to blame me when you shear your hair off in the shower. It’s disgusting.”

Attack unsuccessful, Jonghyun thinks while blushing. “I need to do it, though!” he says. “Once a year! Or else my body hair will get really thick and I’ll actually resemble a goat all the time!”

Kibum turns a page in his book. “Aren’t you supposed to be getting Jinki some protein bars?”

Jonghyun quickly moves on to Minho after Kibum starts being annoying. He actually doesn’t know where they keep the protein bars, but Minho has a habit of eating them daily so he wouldn’t be surprised if they were all gone already.

“They’re in the cupboard where the granola bars are,” Minho says. “I don’t think you even looked.”

“Did too!” Jonghyun quickly lies and begins thinking about the strawberry granola bars that he bought last week. He’d completely forgotten them until right now, and hopes Taemin hadn’t eaten all of them already since Taemin eats everything there is.

“Are they for Jinki hyung?” Minho asks, interrupting his thoughts.

“Yeah, Taemin wants me to bring him some,” he pauses. “Don’t you think they’re spending a lot of time together lately?”

Just like Kibum, it doesn’t seem as though Minho cares. He doesn’t even stop to consider the question when he shakes his head.

“But they look as though they’re dating!” Jonghyun complains.

“You just sound jealous,” Minho says. Jonghyun shakes his head because he isn’t, really, only Minho doesn’t believe him. “Taemin’s helping him while he’s molting, calm down.”

“I could help him too, though,” Jonghyun says.

“I see that going well, when you haven’t even brought them the protein bars.” This Minho does consider, and after a moment of silence he speaks up again. “Is that even healthy? Should you be giving that to hyung?”

Jonghyun shrugs, mimicking Taemin’s actions from earlier. “Well, it has protein, right?”

Minho eyes him carefully and Jonghyun tries not to feel insulted.

Jinki’s covered with blankets and looking distinctly displeased when Jonghyun enters the room, twenty minutes late and with no protein in hand. Jonghyun looks around the room for Taemin and finds him in the corner playing Mario Kart by himself on the television.

“Taemin won’t let me play,” Jinki explains when he asks why they’re not together. “Says I’ll use a lot of my energy that I don’t have.”

“Oh.” Jonghyun nods understandably, something he’s sure Taemin can’t do. If Taemin calls having an unhappy Jinki in a corner of the room while he plays video games taking care of him, then he’s getting kicked out.

“Out you go, chicken,” Jonghyun says. “I can take it from here.”

Taemin begins to protest when Jonghyun unplugs the television, and refuses to budge when Jonghyun hovers over him.

“Nope,” Taemin says. “You’re a goat. You don’t know anything about molting.”

“I know how to sit on my butt playing video games perfectly fine, which is apparently all I needed to know to help Jinki.”

“Not true!” Taemin says. “Where’s the protein bar?” At Jonghyun’s blank look, he rolls his eyes.

It doesn’t take much to make Taemin leave after that, but he does come back inside for his cup of coffee before he’s gone for good. Jonghyun thinks he hears him mutter something about going to the store to buy Jinki a protein meal or something, but that still gives them at least an hour before he’s back.

“Scoot over,” Jonghyun says as he slides into bed next to Jinki and covers them up with the blanket, “we’re taking a nap.”

Jinki frowns. “But I don’t want to take a nap.”

Jonghyun pulls Jinki down so that they’re lying next to each other and wraps an arm across his waist. He nuzzles his nose into Jinki’s neck and sneezes when he feels a feather brush by his face, tickling his nose. Molting for Jinki means more feathers all the time, and seeing them fall off has always been vaguely creepy.

“Sleep,” Jonghyun says against Jinki’s skin.

“But I just woke up,” he tries. “Can’t we play Mario Kart instead?”

Jonghyun shakes his head, pulling Jinki closer. They’re warm like this, so warm that he doesn’t think they’ll need the blankets soon from all the heat that’s sure to engulf them, but it’s okay. Jonghyun likes cozy beds with Jinki.

“You know it’s really easy for you to get sick when you’re like this, so just rest okay?”

Jinki sighs, but when Jonghyun presses their mouths together he can feel the smile against his lips.

“See,” Jonghyun says the next day as they’re filming again. He makes sure the cameras aren’t on him when he says, “I know things about molting.”

Minho snorts but doesn’t deny his statement, so Jonghyun presumes he won the argument. That is, until a few minutes later.

“Cheater.” Jonghyun glares at Minho when he jumps the farthest distance inside of the closed school building. “You only won because you’re some sort of abnormal frog.”

Minho doesn’t even spare him a glance. “At least I can do something because of it,” he says. “What good is being half goat for?”

As it turns out, Jonghyun finds out what good it is a year later while on the internet. A video of a goat has gone viral, and watching it just makes him collapse in a fit of laughter.

“Hey, Jinki,” Jonghyun says and shakes Jinki’s leg with his hand. Jinki looks up with a raised eyebrow. “I bet you I can imitate this goat.”

“You’re already half—”

“Listen!” So Jonghyun lets out this sound, nothing at all like the video he just watched— that’s always been more of Jinki’s talent either way— but by the time he’s done he has Jinki grinning widely.

“Brilliant,” he says. “Do it again.”

for [personal profile] acousticscenery, who has really weird ways of making you write her fic even when you don't want to, especially when it's animal fic because idek where she got that idea. also [personal profile] kordella will always be my favorite person after a few people since she always turns my terrible fics into readable fics. ilu ♥ ... oh! also, this takes place during hello baby and yeah. lmao, maybe i should have mentioned that earlier. that's where the first scene comes from and why i was so disappointed when i found out that chickens don't molt in the winter, but ducks sometimes do.
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blows kisses at you
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I don't remember making you write fic (I do remember the animal discussion though) but I will take the blame if it means something this cute ♥

Jonghyun pauses and allows him to explain himself unless his answer is Jinki. “A potato peeler.”

It’s not Jinki, but still.
lmao unless it's Jinki

I love the last scene.

dw ate my first comment which I swear was better than this one but I haven't even had tea yet so I will just chatter at you on twitter okay
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I don't remember that AT. ALL. okay, I really honestly don't.

): why ):

only if you cut your own onions.

now I want tea
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But I really don't! I thought I came into the conversation halfway, which would make it you and 자나 but not me. (and how dare you, I never delete tweets that weren't there in the first place)

): your sad faces make me sad though ):

you saying something and me not agreeing is not us agreeing on something. in fact it is the opposite of that.

hey ):

you are mean

i will ): here, you too ♥
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yeah, that would make it your fault, mutually, and not mine. i had nothing to do with the rest of this! ):< ):<

sobs I'm tired. I drove for like 10 hours okay

well I won't let you
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i didn't say that! ... don't link me here if I did ):<

lol no.

I always want you to be happy ):
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LOLOL This is so xD
Jjong. (Half) a goat.
Taem is half what though? :O
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And are you going to share that reason?
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are you six years old?

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no way. you don't look a day over six.

I wasn't laughing, I was emphasizing what a terrible joke that was ):< omg can we not make me into a spread? that's the weirdest metaphor you've ever metaphored.
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it just isn't.

mine made sense.
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shoeflies don't bother me