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[shinee] issues of a (someday) famous rockstar

issues of a (someday) famous rockstar
onew/jonghyun; pg-13.
one-shot; 1725 words.

The corner store that Jonghyun frequents contains a particularly confusing man named Lee Jinki; not that Jinki is cryptic or mysterious or anything—far from it actually—but sometimes he'll offer the most random sentences whenever Jonghyun comes around.

“How’s that dog of yours doing?” he asks one particularly bright morning, before Jonghyun even has the chance to fully wake up.

“Wha?” Jonghyun turns around. As far as he’s known, he’s never once brought his dog inside the store or had any encounters with Lee Jinki outside of the place.

“I mean—” Jinki blushes. “You have dog food. In your hands.”

Now, Jonghyun’s never been the type to judge someone so quickly (though others would love to prove this wrong) but considering how he does not have dog food in his hands, it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow.

“Oh,” Jonghyun says. “I see.”

“Last time you came in, I meant!” Jinki says. “Last time you bought the really expensive brand, though for a cheaper price you could have gotten a larger package.”

"Ah. Right." The sleepy fog blanketing his brain slowly clears as he realizes what Jinki's just said. He feels vaguely creeped out but Jinki is probably the least threatening person Jonghyun has ever encountered, so he doesn’t ask any more questions. “My dog’s fine,” he says to tie up that loose end, and nods his head.

When Jinki disappears a few seconds later with a head nod of his own, Jonghyun ends up heading to the dog food aisle to see what Jinki’s talking about. Just as he’s about to give up looking for the cheaper brand that Jinki had mentioned, the speakers inside the store go on.

“By the way, the brand I was talking about is on the bottom shelf.” The voice is Jinki’s. “Bright red. Doggy Yums. Can’t miss it.”

And sure enough, there it is. Jonghyun snatches it up as quickly as he can, refusing to look Jinki in the eye once he reaches the register. The good thing is that they’re both alone in the store so nobody could have heard Jinki on the speakers, but the bad thing is that they’re both alone in the store.

“That’ll be eleven thousand won,” Jinki says, smiles. “You save five thousand!”

“Thanks,” Jonghyun mutters.

“I’m surprised you’re buying it, though! Last time you were here with your friend, he said your dog only deserved the best quality dog food.”

Jonghyun frowns. He’d have to speak with Kibum later.

“I liked your hair better the other color,” Jinki casually comments the following week.

“I did, too,” Jonghyun sighs. “But Kibum—er, my friend made me do it since he said it’d suit me better.”

“It doesn’t,” Jinki says. “Actually, it kind of makes you look like your dog.”

Jonghyun glares. “Well you kind of look like a hamster!” he says. “And an ugly one!” A few seconds after saying that, Jonghyun makes a horrified expression.

“It’s alright,” Jinki laughs, though it seems a bit forced. “Toothbrushes are down aisle six, and the inexpensive ones are towards the bottom.”

Eternally grateful, Jonghyun ducks his head.

“I don’t understand—what-—how do you know what my dog looks like?” Jonghyun returns to the store four hours later with nothing else on his mind. His opinions on Lee Jinki have been skewed and twisted, and not in a very positive light.

Jinki opens his mouth, but nothing comes out.

“Explain,” Jonghyun says firmly.

“I don’t!” Jinki says. “It’s just—you look a lot like a dog. So. I assumed you must now look even more like your dog with that hairstyle, since that’s a common color found amongst dog furs.”

Jonghyun gapes at him. “I was kidding when I said you looked like a hamster, you know!”

As if Jinki’s face hadn’t been red enough already, it turns at least ten shades darker. “I’m sorry!” he cries. “That came out really wrong.”

“Well try again!”

“You don’t—you don’t look like an ugly dog—”

Jonghyun scoffs. “Do you really go around comparing all your customers to dogs?”


“I just happen to look the most like one, right?” Jonghyun says. “Fine, then I wasn’t joking. You do resemble an ugly hamster.”

He leaves without another word, ignoring the way Jinki gawks at him.

On Sunday, Jonghyun walks into the store, feeling somewhat nervous. He hadn’t meant to call Jinki an ugly hamster. Okay, well, maybe he did but that was in a fit of anger and he wasn’t being sincere, though Jinki didn’t know that. Or maybe he did, a voice whispers to him. Jonghyun brushes that thought off; Jinki may know a little too much about him but he doubts Jinki would know that much.

“Hey there!” is the first thing Jinki says when he spots Jonghyun, acting decidedly nice for someone who’d just been called an ugly hamster only a couple days before. Jonghyun really, really hopes it’s because Jinki is a naturally forgiving person.

“Hi,” Jonghyun says, voice breaking his confident sway. An awkward pause. Jinki doesn’t look like he’s holding a grudge so apologizing might be weird. “....Your hair looks nice today?”

Jinki scrunches his eyebrows and lifts a hand to touch the back of his head. “This?” he says.

“No.” Jonghyun rolls his eyes. “Your other hair.” A short silence immediately follows.

Jinki bites his lip, concerned. “As in—”

“What?” Jonghyun reels back. “No! No, that’s not what I meant! Your hair on your head! How would I know what your hair—Jesus Christ—the hair on your head looks nice.”

If anything, this only makes the situation worse. Jinki removes his hand from where it had become entangled in his head and looks all around the room. Jonghyun does the same. Fuck, he is terrible at this.

“Oh!” Jinki says, taking note of a flyer pinned on the opposite wall. “You might be interested to know that we’re having a sale on body lotion today! Fifty percent off, for today only.”

Jonghyun closes his eyes tightly and fights the urge to run. “And why do you think I’d be interested in body lotion?” he manages to get out in between clenched teeth.

“For your hands—”


“I mean—they’re probably really rough—”

“What the fucking hell, dude,” Jonghyun says. His encounters with Jinki tend to mostly leave him in a blubbering state, and this one is no exception. “Please stop.”

“Right,” Jinki says. “Okay.”

When Jonghyun finally dares himself to open his eyes, he finds Jinki staring back at him, cheeks flushed and unwilling to move.

“I’ll just,” he says, “I’ll just go now. I forgot what I even came in here to buy.”

“Have a nice day!” Jinki calls out after him.

“Where’s this creepy guy you keep telling me about?”

“Jesus, Kibum. Could you possibly be talking any louder? He could be around any corner.” Jonghyun looks behind his shoulder to make sure that Jinki is, in fact, actually not standing there. With the strange turn events had taken recently, Jonghyun honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he had been.

“Is he that guy at the counter looking at us?” Kibum points out. “Creepy, but kind of cute?”

Jonghyun whips his head around towards the front of the store and sure enough, Jinki is looking at both of them, eyebrow raised.

“Shit,” Jonghyun says.

“More like really cute,” Kibum says.

Shut up, Kibum.” And Jonghyun reaches out to clasp his hand over his mouth. He should have know that idea was a bad one to begin with, and Kibum furiously yanks his hand off not a second later.

“Look, Jonghyun. The only reason I’m here with you was because you wanted to come, but was to scared to come alone! I don’t think you should be trying to make me shut up, now.”

Jonghyun winces. Yes, he had been paying attention, but to the reaction on Jinki’s face as Kibum had been speaking. From how loud Kibum had been, and from how small the store was, Jinki had undoubtedly heard that.

“I wasn’t scared!” Jonghyun says.

Jinki nods his head as if he believes him, but Kibum breaks this false reassurance.

“Don’t lie to yourself; what else are you supposed to call moaning all over your apartment floor and changing your mind every two seconds about whether or not to come?” And really, does Kibum never stop talking?

“I hate you,” Jonghyun whispers. “So much.”

Kibum scoffs, not even missing a beat. “Go cry to your twitter about it, then. Honestly, as if I care.”

“I don’t cry about things on my twitter!” Jonghyun protests. “My twitter’s for interesting updates and relevevant issues!”

“And exactly how your fingers becoming rough because of your constant guitar playing is a relevant issue will always be a wonder to me,” Kibum says. Jonghyun pulls him further away from Jinki in hopes that he won’t be able to overhear their conversation, but it’s a lost cause. “Not to mention all those videos you have of your dog. I’m honestly surprised you’re even human, not a dog with internet access.”

“Oh,” Jonghyuns says as it dawns on him. “Oh my God, I actually have fans.”

“So I have one front row ticket to my next concert,” Jonghyun says a few days later. “You know, if you’re interested.”

Jinki shrinks back from where Jonghyun is invading his personal space. “You’re having a concert? Are you a musician or something?”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to hide it,” Jonghyun says.

Jinki shifts, avoiding eye contact. “Hide what?”

“The fact that you’re actually my fan.” Jonghyun grins. “That you follow me on twitter.”

“You’re really cocky,” Jinki gives in.

With a laugh, Jonghyun leans across the counter and picks up the bottle of body lotion. “Does this still have a discount?”


“That’s too bad. Hey, maybe we can go out for a movie or something after the show?”

Jinki smiles and shakes his head in mock exasperation. “If you insist.”

so this is all [personal profile] kordella's fault. i asked her for a jongyu fic and she made faces at me so i was forced to write one myself, only she pretty much wrote this fic, too lol. the entire first sentence is her's, where this happened:
[personal profile] jarnscye: are you writing a super long first sentence
[personal profile] jarnscye: you totally are, aren't you. is there a semicolon in there?
[personal profile] kordella: LMAO HOW
[personal profile] kordella: did you know

and so this is almost a collaboration fic, since she wrote sentences, gave me a prompt, and i squeezed her brain juices for a plot, and yeah! we wrote/edited this in the wee hours of the morning, because apparently that is when we are most productive. and no, i do not have a million other wips what are you talking about.

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