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[shinee] your hand in mine

your hand in mine
onew/jonghyun; pg.
drabble; 197 words.

Jonghyun is tired when he hears Jinki’s voice, eyelids heavy and head lolling side to side. It’s been a long day and his joints are aching, fatigue slowly wearing in day by day as sleep becomes distant and scarce. So Jinki’s voice is murmured and incomprehensible, save for the odd mention of Jonghyun’s name.

“Yeah,” Jonghyun mumbles into his hand, word muffled by a yawn. He hears Jinki stop talking, but this isn’t what he wants; Jinki’s voice is soothing and calm and all sorts of things that make Jonghyun want him to keep speaking. He feels for Jinki’s hand and pulls him down so they’re sitting shoulder to shoulder and Jonghyun nestles his head on his shoulder.

“Jonghyun,” Jinki says. He’s stiff underneath his touch.

“Yeah,” Jonghyun says again, except this time he’s sure Jinki’s heard him, mouth right by Jinki’s ear as he tilts his head to reposition himself in a manner more comfortable for them both. When he opens his eyes, Jinki’s looking away.


Jonghyun hums quietly into Jinki’s skin and takes it as an invitation to stay.

i've been having so many jongyu feelings as of late, but nowhere near enough patience for a full on fic, so excuse me as i just sit here and weep
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ugh okay I love this but it is way too short

I demand that you find more time and write longer fic ):

I don't really demand that because I know but seriously I miss jongyu and jongyu fic

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no, you're too short

just kidding, but if you write jongyu i will one day reimburse you in fic because i miss it too ):
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pfft. like i remember how.

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easy, just fill in the blanks!

Jinki _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

the end!
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then you do it.

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whoops forgot to log in

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how can i tell if you don't log in?

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... are you sara