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[shinee] flashes in sight

flashes in sight
onew/jonghyun; pg.
drabble(s); 100 (times three) words.

They don’t meet on any special day of sorts, or rather not one that’ll be marked on calendars for years to come. Jonghyun just meets Jinki the first day he gets his first job working in an ice cream shop. He doesn’t know it back then, but the lemon sherbet is their worst flavor, something to do with the way they make it. Jonghyun’s tried it at different stores countless of times before, but it’s never tasted quite as bad as it does there.

“Can I have a scoop of lemon sherbet?” Jinki asks, politely and so naïve. “Cup, please.”

Jinki likes doing things like reading under trees, music in ears and lost to the world. Jonghyun finds that he doesn’t mind much, as the other headphone is usually in his ear, and the music Jinki listens to tends to put him to sleep.

He dreams of nice things whenever they’re together, but once his dream consisted of nothing more than mixtures of feelings, no sounds or sights. It was the slightest brush against skin, the happiness that came from it, and how scared he was when he pressed his lips against Jinki’s.

The feeling’s passed; he’s no longer frightened.

Jonghyun first breathes I love you into Jinki’s ear a little over a year since they began dating. It’d been on the tip of his tongue for several days, weeks after thinking about it, but he never had the courage to say anything.

It isn’t until Jonghyun is sick in bed and Jinki is tending after him, one hand running through his hair and his head by Jonghyun’s, that he finally manages to speak out.

“Jinki,” he says, unsure whether his voice is cracking because of his illness or because he’s nervous. “I love you.”

Jinki’s smile is amazingly bright.

cries i'd actually really love it if somebody could give me some honest crit on these? ):